So Many Reasons Why Amir Is Your Guy!

There’s no doubt that working with an experienced mortgage consultant makes all the difference in the world. Of course, it’s also important to hear about the experiences others have had with the loan provider you’re considering. That’s why you’ll find the latest reviews for mortgage consultant Amir Salah below. See what others have to say, then contact Amir today to get personalized assistance with your mortgage needs.

Thank you!

Kristen Badger

Amir recently helped me with a cash-out refinance on my mortgage to help with debt-consolidation. Once we started talking, he stayed in communication with me throughout the process, getting on the phone when needed to explain different terms or numbers. He and his team were transparent and aggressive in advocating for me to get the best terms possible and it was a pleasure working with them. Thank you!


Super knowledgeable

Jared R. Scoubes

Amir was super knowledgeable and was able to answer all of our questions. He walked us through the process and had great communication along the way. He was kind and helpful and we are grateful for they way everything turned out. Thank you Amir!!


Made the whole process a breeze

Bryant Rodriguez

Amir’s experience and professionalism made the whole process a breeze! He was able to address any and all concerns which put my wife and I at ease. We can’t thank Amir enough for all he has done and look forward to continued business in the future!


So simple

Richard G. Oesterblad

The entire refi was so simple and Amir explained each and every step. He is so great to work with and look forward to doing business in the future.


Amir has our back

Mindy M. Oesterblad

We really feel like Amir has our back and helped us consider all of our options to make the best decision for our personal situation.


Friendly and efficient service

Jan D. Cranford

Friendly and efficient service answered all questions and professionally.


Efficient and Resourceful

Evan W. Mellichampe

Amir is an exceptional advisor. He is incredibly efficient and resourceful. This has been our second experience with him and he represents Assent and LendBee with a level of service that we feel is unmatched in the industry. Amir developed a rapport with us that was reassuring and memorable. We have trusted him with our complete financial history and there has never been any doubt that he's had our best interests at heart.


Best Decision

Anthony James Carvalho

After much research and deliberation we chose Amir Salah as our loan officer. Thankfully it was the best decision because Amir really set the pace from start to finish. Although we ran into a few snags here and there Amir and his team of experts made the entire process seamless to say the least. Furthermore, Amir’s congenial disposition always made it a breeze when discussing “facts and numbers”. This is our second home loan and we can say without a doubt that the bar is now set incredibly high.


Professional, timely, courteous, and knowledgeable

Mark Nazzal

Professional, timely, courteous, and knowledgeable, but breaks everything down into understandable terms.


Walk in the Park!

Darren Patrick White

Amir presented himself professionally and with great knowledge and expertise of his industry. Every communication with him was pleasant, courteous, clear, concise, and extremely smooth. He did his homework for us and presented several options to make the entire process of refinancing our home a walk in the park! Most importantly, Amir was genuinely interested in our best interests and needs, so, for my wife and I, we recommend him and his team's services with the utmost enthusiasm!


I Trust Him Fully.

Patricia L. Neumaier

Amir Salah is the best there is. This is the second loan he has done for me. I will not go anywhere else now. He tells you what he can do, and does it. There is no stress as Amir and his team take care of everything. He is kind, professional and a little humorous to boot. He is the best at what he does and takes great pride in his work. There has never been any question as to anything he does. He knows his stuff. I trust him fully.


Simple and Fast

Alberto Espinoza

He was on top of all and made everything simple and fast to handle.


I Cannot Express How Thankful I Am!

Paul Chapman

I was referred to Amir Salah by my realtor Mark Nazzal and I cannot express how thankful I am that he did. Amir is diligent, professional, knowledgeable & strategical. He studies the market and gives accurate and honest financial advice. He walked me through every step of the loan process, making sure I fully understood every fine print detail. He & his team were lightning quick, very thorough and answered all my questions in a moment’s notice. I will be sticking with Amir for all future Loans!


Thank you so much!

Rodolfo E. Salvador

It was great dealing with Amir. very informative and proactive through the whole process. Thank you so much!


Extremely Helpful

Robert Oesterblad

Amir was extremely helpful throughout the process, thank you


Knowledgeable and Professional

Michael F. Ryan

Being both Knowledgeable and professional, Amir did a great job facilitating our mortgage.